450i AP 3.5GHz Antenna radiation pattern

Hello everyone. Does anyone have the radiation pattern for 3.5GHz 450i AP antenna? I was able to copy the subscriber module pattern from link planner but the option is not available for AP antennas. I would love to have it in NSMA format but any editable version will do.

Welcome Sahibzada, to the forums…

If you are in need of the Integrated 3 GHz 450i AP (model number C030045A002A), then here are the patterns.

These should be NSMA pattern data files with several frequencies.

C030045A002A_3GHz_PMP 450i_AP_nsma_3.3.zip (12.2 KB)
C030045A002A_3GHz_PMP 450i_AP_nsma_3.5.zip (12.3 KB)
C030045A002A_3GHz_PMP 450i_AP_nsma_3.7.zip (12.2 KB)
C030045A002A_3GHz_PMP 450i_AP_nsma_3.9.zip (12.2 KB)

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Thank you. That’s exactly what i was looking for.