450i CBRS AP flapping network connectivity

We have a 450i AP that just started losing network connectivity. Cannot ping, ssh, https. Going up and down every 30 seconds or so. No Ethernet issues in the AP or switch stats. S/W reboot did not resolve. Physical reboot fixed for about 20 hours before starting again. Firmware is 20.2. All SMs are on 20.2. Ran fine on 20.2 for over a week. Other 450i on the same tower is fine.

Anything interesting in the event logs? You running the 20.2.1 BETA 2?

S/W reboot restored this time. Nothing at all in the AP event log. Nothing in CBRS log. Only cnMaestro write errors in device agent log. SM event logs just show registering events. All APs and SMs are on 20.2 and had been working good for over a week. This AP did shed all SMs briefly in the middle of these 2 episodes.

Maybe try just updating one of the AP’s to 20.2.1 Beta 2… there are a number of crash fixes.

I’ll try that overnight if not before. Just the AP and not SMs?

Just try the AP first.

Sorry, just realized this went into the cnPilot thread. The forum software must have saved a previous post I was going to send before finding my answer.

Anyway, thanks for your help Eric. We upgraded the AP early this morning and will see how it goes.

Upgrading AP to 20.2.1 Beta2 seems to have solved the issues. No problems after over 48 hours.


Great to hear… we have had a lot of positive feedback from folks using R20.2.1 beta software. As we continue to get that software closer to release, we appreciate the continued feedback.