450i dropping

Hey guys,

we have had 8 450is suddenly drop out today. we are not sure why. is there a known problem?

Additional info - We are using the Cambium power supply (Model N000000L034A)   The issue is that after being deployed the 450i SM (Part # c050045c002a  Model # 5092HH) Will no longer power up after a few days.   This has happened o multiple Subscribers in several different areas.   I have two of the units in the office now and have tried several power supplies and cables with no success powering the unit.

We've not heard anything like this.  Are you guys reporting the same issue Joshwehe and Chris (i.e. the same network), or are these two separate organizations??

If the radio was working and installed, then just quit powering up after a few days, it certainly sounds like a hardware issue.  Did you open a support ticket?  We will get the RMA process started right away with something like this...

It is the same network as joshwehe,  I will get a support ticket going.