450i Ethernet speed LED

Is it my imagination, or is this LED green for 100M but not lit at all for 1000M?

Hi Ken,

I have attached the screenshot of the PMP450i LEDs status here. Please refer it for more information.

10baseT - Red,

100baseT - Green

1000baseT - Orange.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

I know that's what the user guide says, but my actual APs have the LED off when the link is at 1000M.

We're looking into this Ken... will report what the team finds here.

Hi Ken, 

We have reproduced the problem here. It happens when the 450i is connected to a switch before or while bootup. The orange LED lights up for about 20 seconds and then turns off. If the radio has already booted up and THEN we connect it to a Gig port of a switch, the orange LED lights up and stays lit. 

Can you confirm if this is the phenomenon you are seeing as well?



Sorry for the late reply.  Yes, it seems this occurs when the connected Ethernet device is already live and connected when the radio powers up, or if they are both powered up at the same time.