450i/FSK 900 MHz Frame Calculator

Is there any info on how to use the frame calculator to make 900 MHz FSK and OFDM coexist?  Not necessarily same tower, but same area, other operators.  Like let's say my AP is pointing right at one of theirs, 9 miles away, LOS.

The only way I get the numbers to look similar is to specify 2.5 ms framing for OFDM.  But I thought 900 FSK used a 5 ms frame, double what 2.4 and 5 GHz used.

900 FSK is a 5ms frame.

Will 900 OFDM be sync compatible with 900 FSK if I set it to 5 ms frame?  If so, how do I use the Frame Calculator?

Maybe I need the times in milliseconds not frame bits?

Here is what the frame calculator tells me if I specify 5 ms frame.  Numbers are about twice what FSK frame calculator comes up with.

I messed with the frame calc and couldn't figure it out either. Hopefully Matt or someone will see this.....

I see it... sorry for the delay guys.

Meant to have this posted earlier, but dropped the ball.

Very shortly, on the Support site, we'll post the attached paper and excel tool. (and then I will edit this post and just link there).

Please use these tools to help make this easier, and as always let us know if we can make any improvements.


These are now posted on the PMP 450i support page as well.

Happy "co-locating"!