450i grounding

Does anybody out there ground their 450i SM's? If so, have you just always done it, or have you encountered issues that grounding them helped you solve? 

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We ground 100% of our installs. Because of this I cant say that it is helping or not but I know for a fact that we have fixed many cable plant issues with our cable internet by grounding so we now do it with all services as a best proactice.


Thanks for your reply! For your installs, do you require the technician to submit proof of grounding? I used install satellite internet and we were required to take pictures for proof, but we had an android app to submit them through. I'm wondering what other companies that install cambium equipment do in that respect as well.

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We do not require a picture but I can see why you might do this. Our plant manager randomly goes to customer premises after installs to review but this is only done every few months at best. I should also note that depending on where the radio sits we may connect to power grounds or drive our own ground rods.


"Installation Complete" photograph submission is something that cnArcher may be able to support in a future release.  That is, the installer could be required to take photographs of the final install and submit them before "completing" the job.

It is not supported in the first release of cnArcher (coming in a few weeks), but the idea sounds great and useful.  I will see what kind of effort it will be to incorporate this in a future release of the app.  Please kudo this if you might find it useful.

See additional detail on the cnArcher app here


Thanks for your reply Matt! I am excited about cnArcher for our tech. Does Cambium recommend that all installations be grounded? 

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Recommendations can be found in the User Guide.  For all plastic housings (i.e. PMP 450 SM), there is no need to ground the device. Path to ground is achieved via the Ethernet cable to the ground cable from the recommended Surge Suppressor.  For metal or partial metal housings (i.e. PMP 450i SM), there is a location from which to attach and run a ground wire, which is recommended.