450i integrated High Gain 5GHz vs 450i with Reflector Dish 5GHz

So general question is difference with it comes to overall performance of the 450i integrated High Gain 5GHz and 450i 5GHz with Reflector Dish? for all the WISP people out there which one do you use and why? Currently the company I work for uses the 450i 5GHz with Reflector Dish but I am looking into switching to the 450i integrated High Gain radio

Typically, folks don’t use 450i with the Reflector Dish (as in the connectorized version with a reflector that has a feedhorn or LNA element?). Do you mean the original 450 SM with the reflector?

If you can provide model numbers, it would clarify.

Are you providing service in an area that has harsh or demanding environmental conditions? If not, I would strongly consider using the 450b subscribers modules for normal subscriber service. The radio performance is very similar to that of the 450i, but typically they are less expensive.

We are also getting closer to launching the 450b Connectorized SM, which can provide further flexibility when specialized antennas might be required.

This is the model number of the 450i connectorized units that we use C050045C001B

Our network set up is 450m on the “towers” and 450b Midgain and 450b High Gain. everynow and again we will use 450i connectorized radios (C050045C001B)

In that case, the ONLY difference between the performance of the 450i Integrated and connectorized radio would be the gain and pattern of the antenna being used. This may be obvious, but I think that was your original question.

Without knowing exactly which antenna you are connecting, that’s the only answer I can offer.

You can see the integrated 450i radio antenna pattern on the spec sheet that can be found here: