450i Power Supply Specs

We have a 450i radio we are looking at potentially powering AC rather then DC and curious as to the spec difference between the AC only power supply (part number N000065L001B) and the enhanced AC/DC power supply. These are outside cabinets with large temperature swings, is one preferred over the other. We will also be using the PoE port for the GPS.


Either PSU will work for you. The AC+DC Enhanced Power Supply (C000065L002C) allows you to connect DC power directly and provides up to 100W, while the N000065L001B connects to AC power and will provide a maximum of 60W. Either should meet the power requirements of a 450i device.

The N000065L001B is rated for 0 to 40 C, while the C000065L002C is rated for -40 to +60 C (but still needs to be environmentally protected).