450i rebooting irregularly

About 3 weeks ago, we deployed a 5ghz 450i AP to replace a suspect 5ghz 450 AP, and now this one has started rebooting with the message "hardware watchdog reset", and a couple "power-on reset".

The temperatures on the logs look fine, they're all less than 100F.

The old 450 was powered by a CMM4 (I think). It is a sync injector that supports multiple 24v units.

The new 450i is powered by a Netonix switch with the brown, and blue pins reversed (the site has no AC power).  The output voltage is set to 48v at .75amp.

The old cable was replaced, and the unit keeps rebooting, just a lot less often.  It was rebooting every 1-12 minutes, and now it's down to about once a day.

Any insight?  I could post the logs, but the time wasn't set until yesterday.

The 450i device is compatible with 802.3at.  I don't think you should reverse any pins.

It's designed to operate at 56 VDC with up to 100m of Ethernet cable.  48 VDC should work for a limited cable length, but the voltage drop in the line may cause issues on a long run.

The peak power draw of the 450i is ~19W, so 0.75 A may be a bit too much, you should be good with .5 A.

If you're following 802.3at standards, the device should operate normally.

Did I read that correctly?  The 450i doesn't use the same pinout PoE as the old FSK, or the 450?

That is correct.  The 450i is a 56 VDC device that is 802.3at compatible.

Please post the model number of the device you are trying to connect, just to eliminate any possible confusion.

Thanks Matt, you are always a good source for help.

I'll update this thread next week with more information, after seeing what kind of stuff is in the event log.