450i running on solar

Hi everyone, we are looking to install our first 450i 900 Mhz system in a couple of weeks. We will need to run this on a solar powered system. Has anyone done this already? I would love to know what set up you used. It looks like I may have to put 4 12V batteries in a series to get 48V, but my PTP links are all 24V. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I think we're supposed to be adding that gear to our solar site this month - I'll let you know how it goes!

Presently the site just runs 24V with PMP-100 and PMP-450, upconversion is used for the one 48V device (Redline backhaul).

You'll want to talk to a battery/solar guy about a setup for your tower based on your load, input, and area. Consecutive cloudy days are no fun. I believe our batteries will run a for week if they're fully charged. Never had a problem.


We have done the same.  24VDC battery bank, with a 24-48 converter for the 450i links.  This is for a ski resort, so reliability was a must.  We oversized the solar and bateries, and added a wind generator for backup.  Better safe than no network on Christmas day.  haha

The company previous to us built a 12 VDC battery bank, then added an inverter to power the AC power supplies that came with Redlines, which of course converted back to 48 VDC.  haha  Not very efficient.  They also undersized the solar and batteries, and the maintenance guys had to run a generator to the site weekly.  Our gear ran all winter without a single rereg.  ;-)

**The photos were taken before the 24-48 was added for the 450i's.


Wow, that is a very nice set up. Any yea, you were'nt kidding about beefing up the solar and batteries. Are those 100W panels up there or 240+ watt panels? 

We will be using the Mimosa backhaul. They seem to be pretty nice units and run on 24V. 

Those are 170W panels. We have them wired as each set in series for 72 VDC, paralleled in a breaker enclosure, then down to the controller (long run of 8AWG over to one of the chair lift poles).

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 170 Watt panels,  are those 24V? I think I need to run 260 watt panels at 24V each and then run them in series to create a 48V system that will feed a 48V battery set up. I don't know a lot about solar or electircal but your set up really looks great. This will help me with my design. Thanks for the input. very helpful. 

This is another we have done - the set on the right is all 240W panels, for a Canopy system (PMP100  2.4 GHz Cyclone AP and a PTP59600).  This is more overkill.  haha

The larger array on the left is older 140W panels, running a UHF SCADA system (most of that equipment is gone now).


does anyone have a part number or where we can find the 24 to 48volt converter?

Thanks in advance!!

We have been using these from ICT - ICT103048-5AI2

Perfedt thank you!  Running similar scenario want to go DC only!

look for some radwin POE, that accepts 10-60vdc and outputs standard poe for 450i/proxim/650 etc...

Where are you getting these ICT - ICT103048-5AI2?  So far I can't find a site that has them in stock.  

Does anyone have any other recommendations?



We have 20 solar powered towers. Most are ubnt but we have upgraded some to pmp450i. We use 6v golf cart battery’s in 24v. We use a DC netonix POE switch to power everything. This gives us the option to go 24v or 48v on the port.