450i SM connect to 450 AP?

Will the newer 450i SM connect to the 450 AP (assuming allowed frequencies match). Vice versa?

Yes and Yes.

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450i SM reports "PMP 450/430 Legacy Mode Enabled. Sector throughput will be limited." in red text.  What does this mean?  How do we get rid of this limitation?  The AP is a first gen 450AP.  Both are running 15.1.  On the AP: config/radio/advanced: 430SM registration is set to "deny".  Is there another setting I am missing that puts the system into legacy mode?

The only reason you'd want to enable Legacy mode is if you were using PMP430 SM's on a PMP450. If you're not using any PMP430 SM's, it's advisable to disable this.

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A mistery never resolved, seems an error from developer or a warning that AP and SM aren't the same "model" (and for model I mean PMP450 "base", PMP 450 "i" and PMP 450 "m". I have never used PMP 430).

Cambium: "Admittedly, on a 450i SM, this message is a bit meaningless but it does indicate that having the 450 as the AP in this sector is limiting performance overall. "


Hi Paul - 

As mentioned in the other thread, this message indicates that the 450i device is not running in an optimal mode due to what we call a "Legacy mode".   The 450i hardware has more memory and processing power than the 450 device, and in this scenario, since the AP is still a 450 AP Hardware, the sector must be running in the "limited" manner.  The message is there to remind you that the performance is being impacted by external factors.

It can be ignored and just taken as informational on an SM.   If you see this on a 450i AP, that means the legacy mode setting has been enabled and left on.  On an AP, this setting is purely there to allow for upgrades for devices prior to 13.3 that would not have worked with the improved sector handling ability that the 450i AP allows.  On the SM there is no way to get rid of this message except to swap out the AP to a 450i so that the SM can run with the  settings that it is desiring to maximize performance.

The main (but not only) thing this boils down to is what we call VC Depth.  Legacy mode runs with a VC Depth of 32 while the 450i AP standard mode runs with a VC Depth of 64.  450 and 450i SMs can do both, so it is dependent on the AP Hardware and the 450i has enough memory to support 64 across the sector.  This means more PPS and better performance in the sector.