450i Wideband SM 16dBi Antenna

Hello Cambium.

Could you please reveal a mistery about "450i Wideband SM 16dBi Antenna" that will be presented in June 2017:
1. What will be a sector degree for that integrated antenna?
2. Could you please show a antenna's PATTERN FOR INTEGRATED SECTOR.
3. Is it possible to get p/n information for ordering?


It would be nice to hear any information from you.

Thanks in advance.


Alexey Izosimov

SPD, izoaa@ya.ru

Welcome to the community Alexey!

We are indeed releasing a new product, the PMP 450b, wideband Subscriber Module, later this year.  The date is July, and information will be released shortly with additional detail.  We plan to begin accepting orders for this product in late June.

I can't release too many product details at this time, but stay tuned to the forums... we'll post more as it becomes available.

We do already have an integrated sector antenna with the 450i Access Point, which is a 90 degree sector with 17 dBi gain.  The model numbers and information on this can be found here.


Will the 25db version be releasing at the same time?

We have held off on trying PMP450 due to the speed license caps and high cost of a high gain solution 25+ db. So if the dish becomes available soon, we would be willing to try PMP450 with the uncapped 25db CPE option.

This option looks much better than having a reflector on someone's roof.

Also, sync with our existing ePMP would be VERY welcome as well. 

Thank you

No, the high gain dish version is targeted for an October release.

The ePMP guys are working to add sync to their roadmap, but I don't think it has a target release assigned just yet.

It seems the timetables have been pushed back a few times on the mid-gain and high-gain CPE then. It used to be May and July, then June and August, now pushed another two months back again to July and October.

These are valuable products to have and hopefully the timetable can be moved back up again.

Why the delay on these specifically?


Matt, hello again.

Could you please point out where i can get spec for "450i High Gain Integrated Sector"? (photo included)