450i won't boot with default settings

450i won’t boot to default settings (can’t be reset) via Radio Recovery Console

When you click Boot - default mode, the equipment boots in Normal mode (does not reset). It does not enter via IP (does not ping).

Is it possible to restore (update) the firmware on the PMP450i via a TFTP server?

How to call (start) recovery mode via a TFTP server if the installed software is version 14.x.x?

Unsure to the TFTP side, but have you tried using a different browser or opening that page in Incognito Mode? I’ve had a few mystery issues like this that went away with a different browser.

Just something to try why you’re waiting for an answer on the TFTP side of things

Thanks for the advice, but trying to reproduce the reset through other browsers was unsuccessful.

I know that the problem is in the firmware, perhaps there is a bug in version 14.1.1 of the software.

If I cannot perform a factory reset through the browser, then how can I do these actions through the UART interface?

  1. What key combination can I use to interrupt U-Boot booting?
    U-boot in UART console

  2. What command can I erase the ‘config’ area? Or will cleaning this area not reset to factory settings?