450m 3.65GHz ERIP Req/Auth

We’ve got several 450m 3GHz AP’s in the air. We manage via cnMaestro with Google as our SAS. For some reason, we have one AP that we cannot get cnMaestro to allow a ERIP of more than Req/Auth of 13/47. All the other AP’s we have 49/49. We’re the only ones in the county using 3.65 CBRS. This AP probably sees our other towers, but the other towers see each other also. Any clues what we should be looking at to overcome this? We’ve gone line by line and can see no difference in the settings. We also have separation on the channels selected. We went from 30mhz to 20mhz channels in effort to get even more space but that had no effect. Thoughts???

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