450m 3Ghz AP - CRC Errors

Anyone else seeing a ton of CRC errors?

I’ve got a total of 3 - 450m 3Ghz APs. 2 at the same tower both with a ton of CRC errors. Ive reran cables twice and still showing. Speed tests are very low, however the odd thing is that my customers are able to utilize the total amount allocated in QOS.

I’ve got another AP at a different tower with the same issue.

Currently on firmware 20.2.1. Did not have this issue when the APs were deployed almost a year ago.

I think I’m going to downgrade to 16.2.3 and test again tomorrow now that I think of it…

Are you providing sync pulse over ethernet? Are you using inline ethernet lightning suppression?

Using cnPulse for sync via aux port. Data through LPUs. Receiving power to PSU.

Remember, some LPU’s require PoE power to work properly… even if the radio isn’t using PoE. If you don’t apply power you can have lots of strange ethernet issues and CRC’s like you’re seeing.

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Eric, that is exactly what it was. I appreciate the help! Bypassed the LPUs and no longer seeing CRC errors. Speeds are back to normal.

Thanks again