450M 3Ghz Power options, sync options

So 450M 3Ghz has no PoE.  That's okay I guess since we were using fiber anyway.

How do they get sync?  I'm looking all over the user guide and can't see anything about this.  3 cables up the tower?  What is sync over power listed on the DC port? 

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3 Cables. DC, ethernet, fiber. 

You can supply sync via cnPulse, CMM5, or a PacketFlux device (like the RackInjector), via the ethernet port. IIRC, there also might be options later on to provide sync via the dedicated 4-pin power cable. In PMP450 mode you can use the copper ethernet for data. So really you only need two cables when using it in PMP450 mode.

Later on when an LTE build is available and you wish to use it as an LTE RRU, you'll need to use the two fiber ports for CPRI, and the dedicated power cable... so 3 cables total in this configuration.

Hello, you will have the same two options for sync as you do with the 5GHz PMP450m (or PMP450i).  These options are: CMM5 or cnPulse (replacement to the uGPS module).  Most likely you will end up using the cnPulse unit with the AUX port on the PMP450m (due to the fact that the unit is powered via DC and not POE).  One of the main differences between the uGPS and cnPulse is that the cnPulse is an RJ45 port, so it should be a more straightforward install.

Lots of good information on the new cnPulse setup is available here. I've also attached the slides from our cnPulse webinar from December 2018 and the 3GHz PMP450m webinar.  Expect more information, specific to the PMP450m 3GHz, to come out in the coming weeks.  You can also use LINKPlanner to help with the BOM.  Use the 'New Extra' section within the BOM screen to see compatible accessories.

Can you use the 600watt CMM5 power adapter to power up a couple of these at a time?  PN: N000000L101A

What about the Din Rail options?  Like, PN: N000000L111A or N000000L112A

@Nathan Dothager wrote:

Can you use the 600watt CMM5 power adapter to power up a couple of these at a time?  PN: N000000L101A

What about the Din Rail options?  Like, PN: N000000L111A or N000000L112A

The AP uses around 150w... so that power supply would work fine via the 4 pin dedicated power (again, can't power it via PoE). Check out the attached guide for power for more details.

The 600W P/S would be overkill. You can use N000000L054 (54V 240W P/S). It's best to use 4 conductor cable as well because the resistance needs to be balanced across the conductors. 

If you want to see a little more about some wiring alternatives, check out Ben's post HERE.

We just recently received a RackInjector with a Cambium Sync card for another tower project, and I am testing the viability for providing timing to the 450M 3Ghz. I seem to be having no luck with this. It does work with a 450i, so I'm at a loss for why the 450M complains of no sync.

Has anyone else made one of these work for timing?

Are you trying to use a Cambium sync card or a Canopy sync card? We've tested the 450m 3GHz (and 5GHz) with the Cambium sync card in a RackInjector and it does work. Make sure you update the firmware on your RackInjector and use the newer SyncBox's and NOT the older SyncPipe's. Make sure your 450m is running

I did make the assumption these two devices came with the latest firmware, but the RackInjector was off a version. And yes, I am testing using the Cambium Sync card. After updating, I still had no sync, however, I found the problem had nothing to do with the RackInjector... 

Since I was testing in-office and trying not to cook myself or my coworkers, I was leaving the radio frequency configured so it wouldn't transmit. In this state, the 450 will not show (or care?) that it has GPS timing. I picked a valid channel, rebooted the AP, and it showed it had sync.

I do realize that without transmit, the AP doesn't need sync, but I do wish the PMP interface at least showed me it was receiving sync instead of leaving me guessing.


Thanks for the feedback... I will suggest this to engineering.

A follow up question to those that use the RackInjector from packetflux. Do you have to keep POE enabled on the injector to the PMP450 3Ghz Medusa to get sync to work? Everytime I turn off POE on the injector port it says sync is turned off as well?

Can the Medusa 3Ghz handle power on its ethernet port even though it uses direct power?

Yes, you need to keep PoE on for ethernet sync injector to work. The 450m 3GHz cannot use PoE to operate.

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Another question for you on this subject. Am I running ethernet from LAN on the packetflux to AUX port or MAIN port in order to receive sync? Also what settings would the Medusa need here? I don’t want to burn anything up.

Figured it out! I went into the main port instead of AUX with the current settings in the screen shot above and am receiving sync.

Quick summary of how we’ve been doing CBRS tower sites.

We buy the same MeanWell HLG-240H-54A PS bricks at https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/MEAN-WELL/HLG-240H-54A?qs=Pc4kzEvJlcTBk4EjkLxZ9g%3D%3D where they’re $65-$75 each, around $100 savings per AP. We install 4 PMP450M 3GHz APs on a tower with one SyncBox Junior Aux Port Version - PacketFlux Technologies providing sync to all 4 via AUX ports, and SFP fiber connections running to an 8- or 16-port SFP switch. (Mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+IN or CRS317-1G-16S+RM)


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On the Medusa it has 4 separate wires 2 positive 2 negative. When wiring to that meanwell with only 1 positive and 1 negative do I need to tie them together or add in two more separate wires from the meanwell?

There is a DC wiring guide that may help answer some of your questions here: