450m 3Ghz. Wiring Options

Hey guys,

So I put together a short video on two methods we have came up with for wiring in the ATX plug for the 450m 3Ghz. Access Point. Both work great for us, and are a little different than Cambium recommended, however may save a few bucks in the overall process. Feel free to share and offer feedback.


Ben - This is awesome. Great detailed explanation of what you guys are doing... you are correct in that these are alternative ways to do the wiring. To me, this looks ok, but I asked our engineering guys to take a look too!

I have attached the guide on installing the DC LPU to the 3 GHz 450m, as it has the wiring diagrams you need to make these connections as well.


Thanks Matt.  That was one thing I noticed I did not mention in the video, discussing the +/- connections and grounding, so I'm glad you posted that as that's the guide I use myself when I'm prepping using the cable we use.  Thanks for the feedback.

Nice video, Ben! Just a tip I found literally yesterday regarding wire connectors. If you add too much solder to the connector, it could get wicked up into the cable past the crimped connector and then becomes a brittle breaking point, compared to the flexibility of the stranded wire.

This is discussed near the top of this exhaustive post about various crimp connectors: http://tech.mattmillman.com/info/crimpconnectors/

Hope you find this interesting!

So would one of these crimpers work?



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Thank you so much. You are the man!

What is the best way to crimp the “wings”, specific type of crimpers?