450m and 450b 3GHz through trees

Hi all, just curious how the 450m 3GHz with a 450b high gain would perform through trees at 5miles and greater? Not forest like or high density, more rural farm site windbreak types. Cheers

Te afectaría el nivel de ruido por la distancia y la interferencia de la vegetación, puedes hacer tu prefactibilidad en link planner y meterle interferencia para validar que tan funcional será el enlace.

En lo personal hemos trabajado enlaces de esa manera ya realizados en campo y tenemos degradación en el nivel ruido y por ende el link capacity no es estable se mantiene variante


They do pretty well though windbreak trees in our experience.

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Thank you for your response! Good to hear, we are rural so basic windbreak around home sites, nothing crazy for foliage. Cheers!

Based on our experience PMP450m 3GHz really doesn’t like pine trees. The AP will have a lot of difficulty forming solid MU-MIMO groupings. You’ll have far better luck with deciduous trees or trying to shoot below the tree line.

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+1 to this. My house is almost exactly a mile from my AP. Regular old school 450 AP and OEM Laird sector at about 220 feet. 450 SM on a reflector at the top of my 40-foot Rohn 25. My neighborhood is full of old maple and oak trees in the Chicago area. I’m shooting through about four of them. My power level in the winter is a pretty solid -55dBm or so. Spring and summer came around last year and I was down into the lower -60’s. Heavy rain soaking the trees would knock me down to almost -80 for a day or longer. I added a 450b high-gain at about 20 feet last fall just before the leaves started dropping. A good rain came through and my upper SM was at about -78 and the 450b was perfectly fine at about -65. So getting under the tree canopy a bit can definitely work.