450m and Spatial Frequency usage

Users in the highlighted spatial frequnecy are reporting slow speeds and I can duplicate this with speed test w/MIR. Am I out of options due to the physiocal spacing of these SM's? This is a incredibly disapointing aspect of the 450m if so. Being able to manage these physical concentrations with seperate radios seems to be the only option and really takes the winds out of the said for "14x14" if all conditions need to be lab perfect.

Yep, that SF is probably fully utilized now. The only thing you can do is move the customer to another site or install another 450M and load balance those clients over both.  

ewaier, what are the RSL's and SNR's of the customers complaining about slow speeds? What are the link test results? The SM's in the spatial frequency bucket you highlighted will not group with each other, but they can still group with other SM's that are at least 6.5 degrees apart. If you can sell service to customers in the azimuths associated with the empty or lightly loaded spatial frequency buckets that will help you increase your group size and resulting sector throughput. 

It's not that the PMP450m requires lab perfect conditions for a dense group size, but it helps to meet the recommended criteria of geographic diversity for a good spread of SM's in different spatial frequency buckets, subscriber density, and LOS. This will help achieve a larger average group size.