450m Development roadmap?

Hi There, we have a few 450m devices, and I was wondering when what we can expect in terms of future development?

Any possibility of seperate frequencies for up and down bandwidth?

This may already be asked, in that case I apologise.


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I hope to see soon mu-mino in upload :-)

Any Cambium employees that would like to comment ??? 

wasn't MUMIMO upload supposed to be in the 15.2 release?

To answer the original post, we don't have plans to split frequencies.  This (like all 450 devices) is a TDD device, and utilizes the same channel for uplink and downlink.

Regarding roadmaps, we do periodic webinars on this topic, and there will be additional ones coming in the fall... look to sign up for these, and you can always find the recordings here in the forum.  You can always come to the 450 forum and use the search term "webinar" to get a good list of them...

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Also, uplink MU-MIMO is coming in the next major release (R16.0)... this is coming in October!

We should have a beta version out within a few weeks.

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Wasn’t channel aggregation something on the roadmap to compete with lte I remember reading about it on a roadmap a year or 2 ago as a longterm goal along with the contention slot automation

Really looking forward to 16.0 are we going to see the contention changes coming in 16 as well?