450m Frequency Reuse Deployment

Hi All

Where can I find Frequency Reuse Deployment guide for 450m ? 

We ware working on Frequency planning and have some question about reuse & contiguous channel operation

I would appriciate your help 


GPS sync and frequency reuse critera are exactly the same for the 450, 450i, and 450m. There is no guide available that I know of. You'll need to use a CMM5 or uGPS for sync on the 450m's. Back to back frequeny reuse uses the same 3 parameters as the rest of the 450 line, i.e. distance, ratio, and contention slots need to match or you can use the OFDM calculator to find the proper start/stop times if you have a scenario where they can't exactly match.


@ Eric , Thank for your answer but I must find user guide  / planning guidelines

There is excellent guide for ePMP and I think it mandatory to have the same for 450m 


While there's not a specific guide for GPS sync and frequency reuse for the PMP450 platform, there is a very comprehensive Configuration and User guide that covers everything you'd need. You can find the guide in the support and downloads section of the Cambium website HERE.

The areas you'll want to look at are 2-42 (GPS synchonization) and 3-19 (Planning for co-location).