450m interference cancellation license key

Is this like the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy was always able to go back, she just needed to learn there’s no place like home? But to answer your question, I emailed Sergiu, even emailed Matt, and my distributor sales rep has left a VM for the RSM as well.

Maybe when the 30 day countdown gets to 0 a message will pop up saying surprise, you don’t need a license key after all, here’s a gift from Cambium.


So is anyone using this, and seeing a benefit?

My take on this is that if you’re benefiting upload interference cancellation, you likely weren’t able to take advantage of upload MU-MIMO capabilities anyway…
But if your customers already have good upload capacity, then it would not be beneficial.

Am I correct in this assumption?

Many apologies guys… I was traveling overseas this week and haven’t caught up on everything yet. If you need to renew the trial key, please email me directly with your MAC address and I can reset the trial period. Stay tuned for announcements on this topic.

@Neil_Capell - This is not exactly the case, there will be situations where higher uplink modulation and stability (enabled by interference mitigation) far outweighs any benefit from UL MU-MIMO. Conversely, there might be situations where UL MU-MIMO is providing benefit that outweighs benefits seen by mitigating interference… which is why I thought the idea to include a trial period was so important to releasing this feature. That way, you can see for yourself which way is more beneficial to the sector.


Thanks @CambiumMatt for the clarification, I greatly appreciate that.

I can’t find the enable trial option , FW 22.1.2 was it removed ?

It’s not in R22.1.2. It’s in R22.2

I read the 22.1.2 release notes and it was there. As this was an update of that firmware ?

It is not available in R22.1.2. While R22.1.2 came out after R22.2, the interference cancellation feature was first introduced in R22.2. PMP 450 Interference mitigation - #10 by CambiumMatt

You should only run R22.1.2 on 3GHz/CBRS radios.

When R24 is released, interference mitigation (currently in “demo mode” in R22.2) will be there for 5GHz 450m. The CBRS updates (included in R22.1.2) will also be there, so R24 will be the release everyone should go to. We are expecting that to be released in the coming weeks.

Sorry for the confusion on this, but CBRS changes were needed and didn’t affect the 5 GHz radios, so we created a software branch to address that.

Thank you for clarification, is there any more info on costing of this? and will it be a perpetual license?