450m interference cancellation license key

What is the P/N for the license key and what’s the price? All I can find is the MU-MIMO unlock key.

The part number will be C000045K101A but it hasn’t been released to distributors yet.

That seems ungood. So what happens when the 30 day trial runs out? Oh, and I don’t see a counter anywhere in the GUI telling you how many days left.

Is Cambium not sure they actually want to keep this feature? Not sure what to charge for it?

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Interference cancellation feature key? Come again?

Can someone point me to the announcement of this and any information about it? This is the first I’ve heard of this, and would be very interested to try it myself.

Look at the 22.2 FW release notes. I think there was also a webinar a couple months ago with 450 roadmap stuff where Matt talked about it.

Oh, and I was wrong about the countdown clock, it’s there near the bottom of the page. I have something like 12 days left.

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Matt talks about it starting at 5:00 in this webinar replay:

Ken - Is it working for you? Can you see a demonstrable difference in the sectors in which it’s enabled?

Maybe a little, it’s not dramatic.

We tried it on a sector with poor upstream performance, 39 SMs, 30 MHz channel, lots of 6 mile links. Subs mostly in the center of the sector, and other WISPs out there some running Ubiquiti equipment. The demo in your video was very simplistic compared to real life. Also we aren’t going to use this on a sector that is getting some upstream MU-MIMO multiplexing gain. On this sector we had nothing to lose.

Problem is that interference isn’t a constant factor, so in the absence of a dramatic improvement, it’s hard to tell exactly how much it helped. I would probably pay to keep it on for this sector, because the upstream is poor and we need any improvement we can get.

Have you tried running a mass link test to all SM’s with the feature turned on/off to see what your aggregate uplink results would be? With the feature turned on, does it allow you to reliably step up to the next channel size?

Was not aware of mass link test.

As far as going from 30 to 40 MHz channel, I don’t have enough spectrum to do that. I have 10 sectors on this tower, and there are at least 5 competing WISPs in the area. The only way I even got a few sectors up to 30 MHz is by using STA.

The original design at this tower was 4 APs at 0/90/180/270 in DFS and 4 APs at 45/135/225/315 in 5.8. All but one of the DFS sectors have since moved to 5.8. We feed 3 towers approx 6 miles away from this one using 11 GHz and the APs at those towers are CBRS. Unfortunately we still have to serve customers 6-7 miles away from the main tower because of trees along some winding creeks.

Not sure 6 GHz is going to help at this tower, it’s rural and EIRP limit will be a problem. VZW also went on this same tower and I’d be afraid they would look at 6 GHz and say “oh good, more spectrum for me”. You’d think C-band would be plenty for them in a rural area like this.

You can run a Link Test with Multiple LUID’s aka a mass link test by using these settings:

It can be really helpful to compare aggregate AP performance when trying out different channel widths, or in this case, seeing what meaningful uplink performance you have with and without the interference cancellation feature enabled.

Do we know if this is also going to work on the PMP 450m 3.6GHz, non CBRS?

Still not available from distributors.

Internally there’s some stuff going on regarding this feature key. I’d suggest that you talk to your RSM for updates and availability.

I’ve been told there’s a 450m 3GHz version in the works… but I don’t know when it’s going to be available.

Has there been any hint at the cost for this? Seems to be a bit out of sequence to offer it not give a way to actually continue to use it. Maybe they’ll issue temp keys or something in the interim



So again… talk to your RSM about this feature… I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the response!

The countdown clock is down to less than 24 hours, I’m debating whether to disable the feature or just let the clock run out and see what happens. I’m kind of curious to see, but if it turns into a brick I’ll have some angry customers.

Rumor is the price might be very attractive, but I can’t get an answer from anyone. Maybe with the WISPA show next week everyone’s focused on that.

Did you talk to your RSM? I talked to mine and he gave me the pricing. He asked me not to share it publicly.