450m Limited - Trial / Demo Mode

With the release of 15.1.1 software, there is now the ability for the 450m Limited hardware to operate in MU-MIMO mode for a demonstration or trial period of 30 days of total run time.

This trial mode is available on every 450m Limited radio.  Once the timer expires, a MU-MIMO enable key must be applied to the radio to turn on this operation.

Trial Mode can be enabled via the GUI and/or SNMP, and can be stopped and resumed at any time.

SNMP objects for Trial mode are:

  • MumimoTrialMode:  When MU-MIMO trial mode is enabled, the trial mode units decrement until units are exhausted or Trial mode is disabled. When MU-MIMO trial mode is disabled, radio will be functional with SU-MIMO operation and the Trial mode units do not decrement.
  • MumimoTrialEvent:  An SNMP trap which is sent when the percentage of trial licenses remaining reaches 25, 10, 5, and 0%.
  • mumimoTrialPercentageRemaining:  Specifies percentage of remaining MU-MIMO Trial licenses
Name OID MIB Access Syntax
MumimoTrialMode . WHISP-APS-MIB Read-Write INTEGER {enable(1), disable(0)}
 MumimoTrialEvent . WHISP-APS-MIB    
mumimoTrialPercentageRemaining .  WHISP-APS-MIB Read-Only INTEGER (0..100)
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