450M Medusa to non-Medusa license transfer


If we have purchased a full 450M w/cnMedusa and then it dies due to water getting inside the unit can we not transfer the cnMedusa license to our non-CnMedusa spares? Support is saying this is not possible. Somewhere in the sales process I swear someone told me this was possible so we didn’t keep $2k worth of licensing on our shelves as spares. Ticket (384967) for your reference. Insane if I can’t.

You are SOL. Licenses are not transferable.

They’ll likely make you buy another. Especially with the recent stock price and earnings report.

Although if it was making you consider swapping to a different vendor you might be able to work some magic with your vendor or hit up the regional Cambium sales guy.

Seriously though, try and get in touch with your cambium rep. Also if you can remember the vendor you talked to for the initial purchase, just try and apply some pressure there. If they led you astray and promised something like that, hold them accountable.

I reached out to Matt at Cambium and he helped me out. My situation and circumstances may be different than yours but in my case it involved some RMA’d units and some spares. Thanks to Matt for making it right.


Good to hear, reaching out to a known cambium rep like Matt, or in my previous experience John S is always the best path forward. Support tickets seem to have strict guidelines, where your rep would rather keep your business. Glad it worked out for you.

I manage the 450 product line… and whether you go through support, post something on our community forum, or even contact me directly, I want to ensure the experience is great, and that you continue to have good experiences using Cambium. Yes, we have policies in place for technical support, but that doesn’t mean we don’t support customers to the best of our ability.

If you’re ever unsatisfied, please feel free to reach out at any time.