450m Overload Statistic

The docs say to monitor the Overload statistic on 450m but there is no clarification given. How much of each type is too much? Should there be none at all? Can we get some clarification?


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Any help here would be appreciated.

This is what I am getting after just a few minutes.

Hi Kevin!  Can you share the Data VC Statistic page?  If you don't want to post it on here, you can IM me.

Dropbox Link

Current Overload Stats:

Total Packets Overload Count :
Ethernet In Discards
(Statistics=>Ethernet=>RxOverrun + Statistics=>Bridge Control Block=>ErrApFecQSend) :
Ethernet Out Discards
(Statistics=>Ethernet=>outdiscards count) :
RF In Discards
(Sum of all VCs of: Statistics=>Data VC=>indiscards count) :
RF Out Discards
(Statistics=>Radio=>outdiscards count) :

Any update on this topic? Would love to hear something.

There is an extensive write up in the apendix of the 15.0.3 patch notes that you might want to reference.

My question is when this number goes over 1 million discarded packets does that mean its time to put up another access point?

I haven't found the overload stat to be particularly helpful with either the PMP100 or PMP450 platforms.  The problem is that any packets discarded because of QOS settings get added to the overload stat.

You're better off looking at the frame utilization percentage, and cnMaestro can track it historically.


Yeah frame utilization works great on the 450 and 450i, but 450m is a different animal as far as frame utilization from what I understand. Great info about the QOS adding to the overload stat though. I did not know that. Thank you!

Hi Kevin, sorry for the long delay in response on this one.  In 15.1.1, there were vast improvements to MUMIMO stats and Frame Utilization stats on 450m.  Please load that softwre and give it a look.  It should help quite a bit to see the actual results of the mu-mimo scheduling and what your sector benefit is from mu-mimo operation.