450M packets per second threshold?


What is a realistic packets per second threshold for a 450M before we start seeing degradation of the AP?

Because of the nature of Multi-User MIMO operation, it's a bit harder to measure the PPS capabilities of the 450m product.  In the lab setting, we have tested over 1 Gbps of throughput with 40 MHz channels, which calculates out to over 120k PPS.

We believe the upper limit of this PPS number is actually higher, and we haven't yet reached the limits of the processing based on some experimentation beyond this, but can't say exactly what we believe the limit to be.

If you're running a real operation and believe you're hitting the PPS limit of the radio, we'd like to investigate.

Thanks for the response Matt!

I should have clarified a bit in the original post.  We use a 20MHz channel - what would be a realistic threshold for that channel width? 

Well, the channel size doesn't dictate the PPS of the radio.  By that, I mean that you'll more likely reach the throughput limit prior to max'ing out the PPS in a smaller channel bandwidth.

Hi Rachael,

I agree with Matt, it's unlikely you are hitting a PPS limit on the 450m with the throughput you mentioned on other threads (100-150Mbps). In testing here we get over 600Mbps of TCP traffic through the link (externally generated, 20MHz bandwidth) and don't see any struggles PPS wise.

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