450m poe question

Hi all, could this POE on the picture attached power up a 450m?

Thanks in advanced

We have never tested or validated this power supply.  I have asked our development team to answer if this will work from a technical perspective, based on the spec sheet, which I have attached.

Even if the answer is positive, note that we have not validated its use with the 450m.  We highly recommend using the Cambium Enhanced Power Supply, part number C000065L002C.

I received word that this product should be adequate to power the radio. However, again, to reiterate, it has not been tested at all.  We cannot guarantee a specific maximum cable length or Ethernet performance, because some parameters are missing from the specifications that are attached above.

Thank you for your reply. We are actualy waiting for the original cambium power supply but in the mean time we wanted to power it with something else just so we can start working on it. We will try this power supply and let you know if it worked. 

Please do.  Evidence that it works would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!