450m - power on reset constantly happening

we upgraded our 450m's to so that we can use the 5.4Ghz band.  Every few hours they are experiencing a "power on reset".

anyone else seeing this behavior? 

We've never seen this internally.  Very interested in seeing the captures,etc. from the radio.  Did you open a support case already?

i haven't opened a case yet but i will today and send over all the captre files etc.

That would be the best way to resolve this... we can also post our findings and resolution on this thread for others to see as well.

Thanks Sean.

I'm seeing reboots for 3.6 GHz PMP450 and 900 MHz PMP450i APs since updating to 15.0.2 as well.  One tower has 4 of each AP, and all four of the 3.6 GHz APs and one of the 900 MHz APs have a crash dump in the logs.  The really odd thing is that two of the 3.6 GHz APs crashed within seconds of one another.

I've been playing around with cnMaestro as well, so that might be a factor.

Edit:  I'm grabbing the event logs for support, and I noticed that it only looks like the APs on that one tower are acting up.

I also noticed the following in the 900 that crashed:

01/17/2017 : 14:21:05 MST : :Invalid configuration entry (571 [0x30632030]) during flash read. Device should be defaulted and reconfigured.

That doesn't appear in any of the other crash dumps, so I suspect it's an unrelated problem.

Could you please send engineering.cgi logs to subi.s@cambiumnetworks.com.

Will do.  I have put in a request for a support case but haven't gotten a case number back yet.

Hi Matt,
I did open a support ticket and send CNUT files.
However, I believe i found the root cause of our power on reset issue.  before version we had the 450m’s powered up but they were not transmitting because we were waiting for the FCC to approve the 5.4Ghz band.  Once we upgraded to I turned on the transmitters and started connecting clients which caused the APs to draw more power than when they had the transmitters off.  We are powering them with a meanwell HRP-150-48 power supply that provides 3.3amps at 48VDC.   with the transmitters off the APs draw .9 to 1 amp each.  with the transmitter on they draw 1 -1.1 amps and so this was causing the power supply to reset.  (3 APs x 1.1amps = 3.3 amps so with small spikes it was overloaded)
To test this theory I turned off one of the transmitters last night and there were no power on reset events and the other 2 APs continued to transmit to clients.  I then turned the 3rd AP’s transmitter back on and we had a power on reset on all 3 APs within an hour (it co-insided with when an SM attached to the 3rd AP)
We will be upgrading the power supply to a meanwell HRP-300-48 that will provide 7amps at 48VDC which will be more than enough power for three 450m’s.

This makes sense.  As noted in the specification, the 450m can draw up to 80W peak power consumption, and around 70W nominal.

A 300W supply should be adequate for 3 of the 450m, but you might be pushing it with 4 units...

Note that if you're using the CMM5 with 4 of them, we recommend a 600W supply (which is a bit overkill, but the other specs and the price made this the logical choice).