450M sfp question

Hi all

today I 'll switch from ethernet to SFP ( i have license and original module from cambium)

I see that i can switch from main port to sft port, in the case of SFP malfucition/trouble how i can recover the ethernet port?

If you run Ethernet cable to the Main port - even if you are using the SFP - it could be avalaible as an alernate way to connect to the AP should the SFP module fail.

Can Cambium program something in like a failover to the ethernet port in case of an sfp failure? The aux port seems like a bad option. We've got some 450m's on a tower that requires expensive and time consuming climbers that are running with the fiber. I would hate to have to call them in to get the ethernet port back. 

Could you do the power in and out trick to default it and then re set it up if you ever need to?

If it is the SFP that fails, then one needs to access the radio through the main port, enter recovery mode, change the Ethernet Port Selection to Main and reboot. Then they will be running on the main port.

Quick reminder on recovery mode.  When the PMP 450m (i and b also) are running quick power cycle and recovery mode IP is


Sounds crazy that a 6k euro antenna needs on site recovery to recover ethernet after an SFP fail :-(

Yeah I agree with that