450m showing UNTRUSTED SM

What should one be looking for if an SM is UNTRUSTED and not TRACKING for MU-MIMO?

This occurs when a PMP450m AP cannot assign a sounding state to an SM, typically due to nNLOS issues, signal multipathing or reflection issues, or interference. When the AP can’t track an SM, it can’t participate in MU-MIMO groupings and so it will communicate with the SM in SU-MIMO mode (sector mode). You may be able to fix this by improving LOS, changing the location installation (like if it’s installed on the side of a metal wall or roof), or resolving the source of interference.

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Appreciate that! I will re-evaluate the install location, it is a nNLOS situation and originally it was a -56db rssi, went to -70 today and now it is -61 and it is now trusted/tracking but 8x/1x MIMO-A. Appreciate the reply and will report back after site visit.