450m Single-Mode SFP Adapter???

We ordered the wrong Cambium Part number for the 450m Fiber Port.  We mistakenly ordered the Multi-Mode Kit rather than the Single-Mode Kit.  

Can someone please give me a list or tell us  a compatible 450m Single-Mode Transceiver that is compatible with Medusa?

Thank You,

Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications

The part number for the Single Mode SFP kit for 450m is C000065L008A.

This kit includes the SFP module, the license and the extended gland to protect the port.


Hey Matt,

We have already bought the kit and license.  We just bought the Multimode instead of Singlemode.  I only need the Singlemode Tranceiver specifically or a list of compatible options.

Can you help with this?  We are stuck.

Thank You,

Scott Pope

The best thing to do would be to RMA the kit, and obtain the Single Mode part instead.

We only verify the kit, and really don't have a "list" of others, as we want to make sure the properly tested and validated SFP is used, along with the gland protection.

Please open a support ticket, and I will make support aware of the situation so we can resolve this for you very quickly.