450m snr spikes after 24 hours

I have a Medusa 450b running the cbrs band. The signal strength is about -40 (too hot?) And the snr is 43 dB. It stays this way for about 24 hours, then something happens and snr spikes and shows yellow/red. The connection is basically unusable until I reboot the radio.

What would cause this? Attached is the alignment screen.

The following screenshot is a second radio that does the same thing that I just happened to catch and take a picture of.

Not sure about CBRS but with 450M 5 GHz we have to lower SM receive to around -67 to prevent self interference for those that are very close to the AP. Also helps to slightly misalign the radio it isn’t too hot.

@Ryan_Scott did you ever figure out your issue? I have 3GHz and some of my subs will have all in the green and then snr goes red/yellow… time passes and then everything is in green again.