450m strange issue

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I have a strange issue with a news installation on small FM tower for the first 2 days the ethernet was 100 mb/s, after swapping a cable and adding ferrite ring the interface worked gigabit for 1 hour after. After 1 hour  I lost 450m wiht any change to recover it from the office. The switch is mikortik rb3011 fixing the  ethernet to 100 mb/s or 10 mb/s not solve the problem. I installed 450m as described in the manual with power surge protector and psu from cambium.

During the operation on the tower the ethernet was up full gigabit but no ping to 450m, to recover it I have made a power cycle.

On the tower I have several antenna ubiquiti/mikrotik with no issue on the ethernet all gigabit without any flapping.

The question is before to climb the tower to swap the 450m I want to do another power cycle to recover some info to try to understand if is a cable problem due to FM or an hardware problem.

Someone can explain to me after power cycle how to recover info to debug the problem?

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can be used to collect all the possible debug info from the radio, send this when raising a support ticket (which it sounds like you may be doing). This should include ethernet negotiation debug.

Are you just using the 'main' port for power & ethernet ? or the AUX / SFP ?

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I am using the main port for power & ethernet, this is my fifth medusa deployed (fw 15.1.3). I tried IP_ADDRESS/field_fiags.cgi with all my medusa with no success everytime error 404, I have to set something on medusa?

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sorry that was a typo on my part

/field_diags  (note d not f in _diags)



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Tomorrow I 'll do this operation. But my doubt is an hardware problem on medusa side because after a power cycle I recover it full gigabit for 2 max 3 hours. If i try to disable the ethernet port  or plug and replug the patch on the switch nothing changes :-(

Seem like the medusa quit to work or shut the ethernet port for some reason.

Hello all,

I am having the same issue. A PMP 450m goes off randomly (Transmitter off, Radio not reachable, ect.), I need to do a power cycle in order to recover the radio.

Another point is that, whenever I change from GPS sync options Self-Generato to Autosync or Autosynch+Freen run or vice versa, the issue happens again.

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Niragira Olympe

I would suggest you open a support ticket for this issue. While it may sound similar to the issue described above, the cause may or may not be the same.

The support team will collect the required information in order to help you resolve this issue. To open a ticket, please visit this page.