450m unscheduled symbols?

Running 15.2.1 just wondering what causes high # of unscheduled symbols. not just ungrouped but unscheduled i notice i have a high amount of those even though i have gps sync + decent modulations, and everyone on 15.2.1

0 (unscheduled symbols) 58.1
1 (ungrouped) 31.7
2 5.6
3 3.7

How many SM's are in the sector and what value do you have for the contention slots?

3 contention slots ~60-70 people if i'm remembering the sector correctly.

This might all be moot when dynamic contention slots comes out any day now...

I just gotta get my frame utilization under control so nonscheduled mumimo seems like a place to start

And god knows how far off the automated contention cambium been super quiet about it even though I’m pretty sure it’s the number 1 wanted feature

The auto contention feature is still being worked and being planned for 16.1, expected in Q2, 2019.  Look for a beta of this release in March...

Q2 eh, i'll keep an eye out for the beta :) 

That said is the issue i'm having with unscheduled symbols due to lack of contention slots?

I believe unscheduled means there was no traffic to pass in the downlink. These are slots that were empty because there was no demand.

To some of the other points they could be empty in the downlink because the uplink has been choked off with too few control/contention slots, but I think that would be a rare case and would almost require a huge misconfiguration. (i.e. 85% downlink ratio and only 1 reserved control/contention slot.)