45600 expericing data port status down, whats the cause? will contribute to low link between radios?

I’m installing a 45600 and have data port status down on one of the ODU. However at the same time I also have a “wireless link status” as up. Is this possible? Does having the data port status down contrubte to have a low Tx/Rx data rate? This is my first install and I am unable to get the 2 ODU to get a good signal strength even with sweeping to gain the PTP signal

Hi David,

I believe that you have an issue in the ethernet Tx and Rx pairs, as the ODU is UP over the pairs that carry the DC Power.

So, you have to check your Ethernet cables.

Are you suggesting to check the ethernet cable termination?

Hi David,

Yes, and the cable itself.

Are you suggesting to check the ethernet cable termination?  I have swept and adjusted the height and the movement of signal barley moves. The distance between the ODU are maybe 700 feet

Hi David,

I believe that the maximum distance for the Outdoor cable connecting the PIDU to ODU must not exceed 100 m ~ 300 ft. (I think that is your issue)

Regarding the signal, the link is running with user- configured maximum modulation mode (manually), so you have to change the maximum modulation mode parameter to the maximum level available.

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Ok I'll check the cable. Slow internet here so I get slow updates.

I'll be using this to extend a network since OSP cable is not possible, is there any ODU config I need to consider,

or network switch configs I need to consider as well?

ODU on once side will connect to a switch - remote ODU will be the uplink for the other switch.

may have confused you....the distance between the 2 ODU is about 200meters. The cable for each ODU connecting to PIDU is no more than 10 meters

OK, re-check the cable termination and the maximum modulation level configured.


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Thank you for helping, I can check tomorrow and update here . This is my first install so I never really worked with this equipmet before.

Hi David,

You're Welcome.  I can help with the configuration via TeamViewer if needed.

Hi David,

I forgot to ask you if the LAN port of the PIDU at which the ODU show data port down is connected to PC, switch or router, if it is left unconnected so this is the normal behaviour to show data port down if it is connected to PC, switch or router you have to check your cables

It's also woth point out that there is a very high receive signal power on the wireless link. This is a short link, and you won't need the full 27 dBm transmitter power. Generally you should be looking for the strongest possible receiver signal level, but in this case the link is so short that the high power will overload the receiver and prevent the link from reaching the maximum modulation mode. I suggest reducing transmitter power until the receiver power is at -45 dBm or lower. You should be looking for vector error lower than -30 dB for a short line-of-sight link.