4600 throughput at 5 miles?

Looking to use 6GHz band to reach customers currently on 5GHz ePMP 3000 sector, can I do it with current 4500 AP/sub hardware (we have experimental license) and what throughput should I expect with no obstructions at 5 miles? Can use whatever channel width.

We already have Mimosa and I question whether that will work at distance, Mimosa 6GHz has been…weird. Fast though, but quirky.

So just to clarify things… the 4500 series is intended for 5GHz use only. It is not capable of 6GHz. The 4600 is intended for 6GHz use BUT, it can operate down to 5745 @ 20MHz. The firmware currently does not support interoperability mode between legacy e1k/e2k/e3k radios and e4k.

Due to EIRP limitations with 6GHz (max 36dBm EIRP on BOTH the AP and SM), in order to hit 4096QAM you will need to be less than .5mi from the AP. In order to hit 1024QAM, you’ll typically need to be within 1.5mi. I would not install SM’s more then 4mi away.

Thanks for that, I edited the original title to 4600. I have some subs at 4 miles or less, what modulation/throughput should I expect on a clear path? I can still use 3000 for longer paths. Bottom of the mountain where the first road is over a mile.

We plan to deploy one on another tower first to test with shorter paths.

Out past 2.5mi LOS you’ll be hitting mostly 64QAM, at 4mi probably around 16QAM. Throughput depends on channel width being used. Keep in mind that the initial WLR PtMP mode is not going to be as efficient as ePTP mode, and this does not take possible MU-MIMO gains into account. You can do some cross multiplication to figure out roughly what throughput to expect. 20MHz @ 256QAM is around 120mbps, 1024QAM is around 150mbps, and 4096QAM is around 180mbps. So if you’re using a 80MHz channel, (20MHz @ 256QAM / 120mbps) x (80MHz @ 256QAM / X), where X = 480mbps.

Trying to model it in the free link planner, but only see the ability to add 450 AP’s, is the 4600 AP in there somewhere?

LP does not have profiles for 4500/4600 yet due to lack of having finished optimized TDD-mode. You can do some rough modeling using F400c/F425 in PtP mode, but keep in mind these only support up to a maximum of 1024QAM, & 80MHz carrier, and will be displaying ePTP throughput rates, which will be substantially higher then WLR PtMP mode throughput.