4600c PTP Antenna Options

Hi all, looking to setup 2 PTP 6GHz links with 4600c radios. one link (4km link) will have x1 3ft dish and x1 2ft dish and the other link (2.8km) will be 2ft dish on both sides. What antenna would you recommend?

Using upper 6 or lower 6 for frequency? Cambium pucks or 3rd party?

Antenna selection is based on path losses to overcome.

If the path is clear linenof sight with nothing within a 20 degree wide cone from each end then all you have to account for is free space losses. In 6ghz, you have a max EIRP of 36db so the higher the gain of antenna the lower the tx power will be. However your reciever and antenna gain are the more important part.

I would run a linplanner on this link to get an estimate of the path losses and see if the standard 25db antenna will be sufficient for your needs. If not you can play with different antenna gains to see which combination will provide you the throughput, power level and meet any wind loading issues you may have.

@Douglas_Generous Thank you for your reply, appreciate it. We are looking at the Radio waves antennas but was wondering if anyone has a cheaper solution than radio waves for a 3ft and a 2ft 6ghz antenna? When inputting one 3ft RW antenna on one end and a 2ft RW on the other I have 121.82 dB Total Path Loss

System margin = path loss - (antenna1 gain + antenna2 gain) - “wanted rssi” - tx power.

SysM = 121.82 - 65 - ( 34 + 28) = 121.82 - 65 - 62 = -5.11
You have a 5db fade margin or your expected signal will be -60dBm

I am currently testing LinQ Antennas parabolic in 5ghz ( responsive to 6080mhz but with 4db loss and 1.95VSWR)
So far the bench testing is showing promise!

Hello DigitalMan2020

For antenna considerations, NetPoint NP6-DP antennas are available.
which are available in:

and WAV