48V (-48V) DC input voltage to an ePMP 1000 SM (DC -to- DC converter input to PoE options)


Which one of these Tycon Power DC to DC converter PoE inserter solutions will work to power the following ePMP 1000 5GHz SMs?  Looking for a solution / exact model to be specific, which will work from a -48V DC input battery source to power and support any of these ePMP 1000 5GHz SM models.  That is, an ePMP 1000 5GHz SM (integrated) and an ePMP 1000 Force 110 SM.

I know that there is a "48 V DC Input Voltage PoE Options" post by Cambium.  That is, "http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-Installation/48-V-DC-Input-Voltage-PoE-Options/m-p/40437#M22".  But the links posted in this go nowhere and when they do show, it's in an Asian language (not English).  The post was really helpful in that it gave me a starting point.  Kudos to Cambium for having the information and posting it for the ePMP community.

However, I came across these Tycon Power solutions, which appear to be much more readily available.

I also figured that if we were to have an application where we need to power the ePMP 1000 5GHz AP or an ePMP 1000 GPS version which supports an 802.23af PoE, we can possibly use this model:-

  • TP-DCDC-4848D-HP   +/-36-72VDC IN 56VDC OUT,  35W DC to DC Converter with 802.3at POE Inserter

If any one can confirm which Tycon Power solution will work or help with a 48VDC DC-to-DC input solution for the ePMP 1000 series.


The spec sheet for the tycoon would suggest the DC is the wrong polarity for Cambium.

The correct polarity for Cambium ePMP is pin7,8 +30/Pin 4,5 Ground.. You can remedy this by flipping the blu and brown pairs around on one end of the Cat5..



The links on the link you provided work for me , but near as I can tell those converters are intended to be used with the ePMP GPS Sync Access Points  and not the ePMP Non-GPS customer radios.  I say that because the converters they list , like the Alfa Networks converter, output standard passive 24v POE and non-sync ePMP radios require reverse polarity POE.

As I understand it the GPS Sync Access Points will accept 24v regardless of the polarity ( + or - ground) while the customer radios are strictly  24v reverse polarity.

The tycon you linked does not appear to support reverse polarity on the POE so you would need to change the pin-outs on your cat5 between the power supply and the customer radio.  Or you might be able to use one of these: http://www.streakwave.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=POE-XOVER-S

Something to note is that we have been using these ( http://www.streakwave.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=TP-POE-24iR-CI&eq=&Tp=&o1=0 ) reverse polairaty POE injectors on our PMP100 gear for years and it worked fine and technically should work with the ePMP radios also. However when we use these on an ePMP radio the radio powers up, but will never get an ethernet link, so for whatever strange reason we can't use these with ePMP even though technically we should be able to.