5.4GHz Backhauls

Was anyone previously aware that Motorola is making 5.4GHz 20Mbps backhauls? I had no idea until I went to their Product Spec site tonight to look around.

http://www.canopywireless.com/prod_spec … pecs_cat=1

Is anyone in the forum using the 5.4 stuff? If so, I would like to hear some feedback on the products’ performance.

I had no idea that they were making anything in 5.4GHz. :oops:

Yeah, I am even signed up to receive the Canopy promotions through e-mail and never once did I hear anything about 5.4 stuff. Our company system is using 5.7 with 6 AP’s and one BH link. We are working on putting together a WAN consisting of all backhauls for a customer. The reason we are using all backhauls is because of the bandwidth demanded by the customer, that the typical AP-SM connection cannot deliver.

There are others in the area that are using 5.7 (non-Canopy & non-synchronized), so we are looking into other bands for this WAN to make sure it is as clean as possible. Unlike a lot of other companies out there that we have seen, we actually care about spectrum utilization.

Is 5.4Ghz allowed in the US? I did some google searches, clicked the link on the page mentioned earlier in this thread “Canopy is now available Internationally, product slicks available in the Library:” and saw the announcement on the home page http://motorola.canopywireless.com/press/102704a.php which all lead me to belive this is for international markets only. Can someone confirm this?

No, the 5.4GHz products are only available in Europe. I spoke too soon. The only documentation that I saw on the web site was tech specs for all the 5.4 modules, and no where did it say where the products were allowed to be used.

Further investigation led to the fact that you can only use 5.4 in Europe.