5.4Ghz canopy AP keeps hanging up


I have been using Canopy 5450AP and conected it directly to Cisco router. Everithing works, but it keeps hanging up! When this happens port status on cisco is UP, but canopy management isn’t responding and no IP services going through. When i shutdown/no shutdown port on cisco, canopy comes alive, but it has rebooted, Its uptme is couple of seconds. Have anyone had any similar problem? This is appearing a couple a times a day.


What about a duplex mismatch… have you tried forcing the speed and duplex on both the Canopy AP and Cisco?

Are there any logs on the Cisco side? It is possible an issue with Spanning Tree or a VLAN mismatch somewhere could cause this.

Will trie duplexes, maby helps. The cisco log says nothing about this. Can this be caused by traffic from clients side? I’m suspicious about this, cause one of our clients is making thousands of connections to many different IP’s all over the world. Can that type of traffic cause reaching PPS rate for canopy? That could be the reason for canopy to drop all traffic from it’s side. Any thoughts?