5.4GHz VS 5.7 GHz

will the 5.4 Ghz penetrate better than the 5.7 Ghz I know they both primary uses is LOS. But if a tree was in the way whcih would do better.

The frequencies are essentially the same as far as physics goes. There is a regulatory difference, however - you can add a reflector to the 5.7 SM to increase the gain and therefore survive more attenuation/tree. But it is still definitely primarily LOS.

They won’t do. All the NLOS installations we tried are failure.

The Reason they won’t do the NLOS stuff is the power restrictions on the 5.4 Band although the equipment is capable of it.

Theoretically 5.4 should penetrate objects slightly better than 5.8 GHZ as it is a lower frequency.