5.7 Vertical Weather issues?

What kind of signal loss are you guys seeing in all types of weather using 5.7 stuff?

I’ve gone thru heavy snowfall so far this winter and we had no issues.

Then last night, we had some sleet/snow/rain and major winds, 20-30 mph with gusts near 60+ mph, and my house dropped off the map.

Luckily, stealing some neighbors wifi, i logged into our system, and go into the AP, it was still up, and the other SM on this AP had gone from -70db uplink to -80db uplink during this storm, and they are less than 1 mile away.

If my house, 6 miles away, had a similar loss, makes perfect sense the drop, as at best times i was at -77db.

I also logged into the SM at my house and it couldn’t see the AP at all. Storm went thru and about an hour and half since this started, I came back up and all the signal levels returned to their previouls levels on both SMs.

Just curious what others have seen.

we see things like that with customers when theres freezing rain that coats the radios and or yagis. as soon as it melts off everythings hunky dory