5.7AP Connectorized, suddenly losing signal to SMs

I have this 5700AP connectorized, then suddenly it is losing signal to its SMs. and It is even behaving worst than a standard AP.

My links are maximum of .5 miles and some are just .21miles, I cant figure the problem why it suddenly lose the quality of its link.

I got 7SMs connected to the said AP, and now it is just having 1SM registered, which is the one nearest to it but the jitter is 8/6.

what could have been the problem?

Water intrusion into the RF connector

New Interference

Bad AP

what kinda antenna do you have on your ap?

its a MaxRad 10dbi. I believe very cheap at just around 80$ at maxrad website.

can you suggest a more expensive but good antenna for 120/180/360?


MTI Wireless Edge


Thanks Jerry.

Can you give me exact model please? Thanks.