5.7ghz minimum channel seperations?

I know moto recommends 20 to 25Mhz frequency seperation, how close have you guys gotten without problems?

The reason I ask, isthe tower I am on is getting cramped for spectrum space, and now I need to figureout a solution to backhaul to two more locations, I do have one BH that is only 10Mhz off an AP and it seems tobe fine, I also have 2 BH’s only 10MHz apart, wondering if anyoneelse has sucessfully done this?

In my experience we were able to have multiple freqs in the 5.7 10 mhz apart and didnt have an issues. We just made sure that none of the beams crossed and we had dishes on all of them. BH’s that is.

thanks for the reply, I waswondering about that, unfortuantely my AP’s ar also in the 5.7G range so im trying to finda solution relatively quickly.

What channels are you using? Are you re-using 3 or are you enabling the ISM channels as well?

If you need to collocate AP’s and BH’s in the same band it is recommended that you get the most physical separation possible. Then you will want to most RF separation obtainable and also use reflectors on the BH.

Next you will want to adjust the slots used on the AP’s so that your AP’s and BH’s have a similar slot configuration. To see what is currently used click on status -> expanded status -> status. This will give you a more in-depth status screen. This is where you will compare your slot configurations.