5.8GHz wireless Phone Interference

I have been experiencing some problems with certain 5.8GHz wireless phones interfering with 900MHz SM’s. At certain locations with these phones, when they receive a call the subscriber will lose link or jitter will rise and this will continue until they hang up the phone. I don’t think it does it when they use the phone to call someone else though. Now I understand that there is some sort of paging feature that uses 900MHz in these phones and that is why it is doing this. Now some places I have been able to change frequency on the sector or on the phone, but recently I have been encountering phones that just do channel scanning and don’t allow you to change the channel. Also I can’t change the frequencies on our sectors in certain locations. Is there anything else I can do to the SM or the AP that can stop this from happening?

nope. we tell customers to buy new phones.

vtech 5.8s use 900 mhz as an intermediate frequency in the base station. the emissions are very strong, the phones are total pieces of garbage.

We’ve found a number different model phones from Uniden, V-Tech, and AT&T that use 900mhz. After speaking with some techs from one of the companies, the issue is that even though a 5.8ghz phone says it uses 5.8ghz, that doesn’t necessarily mean they use specifically that frequency. What some phones do is use 5.8Ghz from the base station to the handset, and 900Mhz the opposite way. The reason for this is that 900mhz uses less power so the handset’s batteries can last longer.
We found that the best way to find out if the phone is an issue is to get the model number and if you can also get the FCC ID for it. A lot of the phone manuals will say if they use 900Mhz or if you look up the FCC ID on the FCC’s website, you can see exactly what frequency the phone uses.

Now this is an antenna , 17.5 dbi yagi antenna. What a fantastic antenna


Thanks for your guys input