5.9Ghz anyone have information about how to get authorization to use

Does anyone know what’s required to get access to the 45Mhz for outdoor use?

Apply for a temporary STA with the FCC. If you’re a WISPA member, they provide some guidance on that if you wish to do it yourself. Alternatively, you can have a lawyer familiar with the FCC do it for you, like Lerman Senter. It will cost about $1000 + the $75 FCC filing fee.

Once you’ve been issued your STA, file a support ticket with proof of your STA and the radios you’re looking to use this on (e.g. PMP450, ePMP) they’ll give you access to custom firmware that enables the extra channels.


I would suggest you read the rules at the FCC yourself and decide if you can apply and then go from there. It’s against the law for the FCC to not clearly state what their rules mean and unless they are breaking these laws it shouldn’t take more than about an hour of your time. You then need to decide if it’s straightforward enough to do yourself or if it’s a better use of your time to hire an attorney as long as they are not illegally making you use them from then on in some bull shit illegal agreement stupid lawyers often try. Some people in these business decisions seem to think even though the normal reading of the rules means they do not qualify they should lie or hire an attorney who thinks they can make normal reading of words not mean what they in fact mean and until recently was arguably legal for the FCC to do. It’s not anymore. Those are your options in a nutshell from where I sit.

We have been granted the STA just waiting on firmware now.

I got firmware within 24hrs of filing a ticket with cambium.

A few wisps I know all filled at the same time. Me and another went the lawyer route, and the other did it himself. Guess who’s still waiting to get theirs? :confounded:

I didn’t open the ticket for firmware until Friday when we got the grant authorization and the information has been sent to the management team as of this morning so I would expect that we should have it in the next 24hrs.

Without having the public read what transpired between Steve Coran, the FCC and at least the members of WISPA that lobby and now somehow claim they can charge members for what they say is non tax deductible lobbying expenses I have to point out the following and this is the most I would venture risking being too far off topic. I hope this works out for you and your customers Jesse-Nikola.

The letter from Steve Coran includes an implicit threat that if the use of the STA process to give a cellular company was illegal you have to break the law for us too. That’s an undeniable fact that should be being investigated. The web site regarding the FCC on this STA use included also a last way to be approved for emergency use that they are now claiming is legal such that if none of the other requirements are met for emergency use if competitors get the STA and it makes your company look bad because of that you also can apply. Steve covered that through mentioning pointing out what may have been an illegal STA grant to a cellular company as mentioned.

Whatever transpired I am not risking being part of the process at this point. The only way I could apply would be to point out I should be given an STA because you likely broke the law to give them to others and I want to be part of that club. Verses like men like darkness because their deeds are evil come to mind. Hopefully people who demand transparency and will not allow hiding what is actually going on are a results of this recent FCC handling of STA processes. It would be nice to think that the FCC doesn’t break it’s own laws for for entities it likes or entities that have threatened it but I am not that stupid anymore.

So just to update we have received the firmware.