503 error on-premises after AP Upgrades?

For some reason after we swapped out some APs recently for upgrades to 450m/450i we noticed the APs came on fine, but the SMs on those APs are showing up as offline.

In the device agent log it shows

08/13/2022 : 23:06:58 AST : : Websocket rejected by server 503 Service Unavailable
08/13/2022 : 23:06:58 AST : : callback_websocket: LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_CONNECTION_ERROR (ctimer=0xc896830)

What could be causing this all we did was swap the AP.

Were the prior APs 450m/450i and connected to cnMaestro with AP and SM showing up? Were there any changes to the vlan/ip/firewall configuration of the new APs compared to the old when connecting to cnMaestro?

Yep they were both connected and online they were 450/450i upgraded to m.

No changes to networking side vlan etc that we can tell

Dropping the sm from cnmaestro by deleting it seems to cause them to rejoin and show online