54vPower supply with CMM4?

Would there be any issues with mounting the 54v power supply inside the CMM4 cabinet?  Too much heat? EMF interference? This is a totally outdoor installation (no equipment shed) and this would eliminate another weatherproof enclosure.


Can you provide us with a complete loading setup (radios you plan to supply and power associated).

Also, what power supply mfg/model are you planning on using.

I don't expect EMI issues but my concern is thermals within the box.  




I see the power supply you are using.  First time checking your post the image didn't come through.

I'll get a response back to you shortly.



Yes, the supply is fine, thermally and EMI.

The one point I want to bring up is that this setup (with the supply internal) is not UL Safety approved.

Please harness the supply correctly so in case box tips over it doesn't fall off.



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Thank you, the pic is of temp fit. It will be mounted very securely.