5ms vs 2.5ms on PTP 450i


on ePMP line you can set 5ms if you want higher throughput but higher latency, and 2.5ms with little bit throughput and lower latency.

I expected it to be the same on PTP 450i, but, same RF conditions (lab), with 5ms on 30MHz channel I can test ~ 150Mbps aggregate and 2-3ms round-trip latency, and with 2.5ms I can test ~206Mbps 1-2ms round-trip latency.

Is that normal? What should I expect with 2.5ms and 5ms?

Thank you!


I noticed a message saying using 5ms each VC can have max 51Mbps throughput.

Here's what I can do with 5ms and "High and Low Priority VCs".

It says 230Mbps aggregate, but if I try to do iperf or other test (even UDP) between the link I can test about 150Mbps downlink and 55Mbps uplink. Why?

Signal is perfect and high, the link is very very short (it's a test).

Thank you


your radios move same as mine . Check your percentage downlink.i dont think these have the flexible type setting as epmp  just a percentage amount adjustment

Yes, they only have a percentage amount for ratio. Flexible isn't there.

The strange thing here is the link test reports 230Mbps aggregate, but I can only test about 200Mbps aggregate.